Say hello to Final Say PR!

You make great games.

We get the word out about them.

It’s that simple.

Great to meet you. The Final Say PR website is up and running – please let us know if something isn’t working right.

Check out the What We Do page to find out more about, well, what we do – but the short version is that we’re a new PR and marketing firm that specializes in helping small and independent video game developers.

Why? Simply because it drives us crazy when we see a great game get completely ignored by people who would love it if they just knew about it. All too often we see games get released by teams of very talented people just disappear in the giant ocean of the App Store because they didn’t know how to get the media and gaming communities interested.

It doesn’t have to be like that. No matter if you’re a one man band, a handful of new talents or a team of experienced developers ready to take on a new challenge – we have the tools, experience and know-how to get you and your game a bigger audience.

Stay tuned – we have a lot of exciting news in the weeks and months ahead!