What We Do

No matter what stage of development your game is at, Final Say PR has the tools and experience to make it better received by the game buying public.

Marketing Plans

Before the world discovers your amazing game, you need to figure out how you’re going to present it. Final Say PR can guide you through the process from pre-release previews, launch timing and coverage to post-launch support and company branding.

Media Introductions

Final Say PR’s experience has afforded it an extensive network of media contacts across a wide variety of mainstream and specialist publications. We can connect you with them, and get the conversation started about why your game is worth their time.

Press Materials

Of course, it’s not just the idea behind your game that will get people talking. Screenshots, gameplay videos and developer interviews have the potential to excite players and keep the media interested in your game – as long as they’re done right. We do them right.

Launch Planning

Come out swinging with a strong launch that clearly defines why people should be lining up to buy your game. We’ll ensure that everyone in your target audience – and a lot more people besides – are ready to see what all the fuss is about on day one. From media saturation to social media events to real world launch events that are truly out of the box, we’ve got you covered.

Community Engagement

Your audience is important. What they think, and what they say to each other, is more essential than anything else – after all, they’re the ones who have the final say on your game’s success. We’ll help you find out what they think, what feedback you can take action on and how to turn casual observers into fans, and fans into evangelists of your game.

Review advice

Our real experience in the journalism field has taught us what really counts in the discerning eye of the game reviewer. We help you understand what areas of the game will capture the most attention, and how to maximize your chances of getting a great review score for launch.

And much, much more…

Talk to us about what else we can do for you…no game too big or small!